Puppy having a bad dream is comforted by sister in sweet footage

These extremely cute little puppies are barely able to stand on their feet, but as it turns out they are already taking care of each other. In the kind of scene meant to completely melt your heart, a litter of Dachshund puppies was filmed comforting each other while sleeping!

A dog owner was absorbed by how adorable her puppies were while sleeping, so she decided to capture the beautiful moment on her cellphone, but she dog much more than she bargained for!

Wendy Mullins

Soon as Wendy Mullins started the camera, one of the puppies was having a nightmare, and he was moving his body uncontrollable. But the owner had no time to react, because another puppy rushed to comfort his tiny brother. Just as he felt the warm and the comfort of his sister, the scared puppy went back to a much more relaxing sleep.

Wendy Mullins

The adorable footage was then shared online, and although it’s less than a minute long, it was more than enough to go straight to the people’s heart, warming millions of them! “This is why i love animals more than humans,” one dog owner reacted. While another one added: “This could possibly be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life.”

You can watch the sweet moment here. Don’t forget to share it with your friend!

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