Rude Neighbor Keeps Blocking Woman’s Driveway, Her Nephew Decides to Take Matters into His Own Hands

They say you should never use force unless it’s the last resort. Well, I’m sure the man in the video below would have something to add to that.
This is only a guess, but I think he would say that the use of force is also recommended in case you have a rude neighbor who keeps blocking the driveway and acts like she owns the street.
According to the clip’s short description on YouTube, the two had already argued about this in the past, and the man just had enough with the neighbor’s rude behavior that had been going on for months and months in a row.
So instead of verbally arguing with the neighbor to move her car out of his aunt’s driveway, he decided to take matters in his own hand. And we mean that quite literally. You see, the man definitely put in a lot of hours at the gym, so he was able to pick up the car and move like it was a toy car and not a super heavy vehicle.
The entire moment was captured by surveillance cameras in the area, and it’s for sure something you need to see to believe. So take a look:

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