Cashier Tells Man His Card Is Declined. 15 Mins Later He’s Back with Cop Who Makes 1 Request

A Florida police officer’s random act of kindness is making waves on social media – and it’s all for the right reasons.
It was just a usual day for Officer Mike Meredith, but his encounter with a homeless young man in desperate need of a new pair of shoes was anything but ordinary. The police officer saw the young man standing in the parking lot of a shopping plaza and immediately noticed his shoes.
The man’s shoes were in tatters, and his toes were sticking out of them. So officer Mike went over to him and asked him what his size in shoes was. The man responded, and just a few minutes later, the cop returned with a brand new pair of shoes.
The police officer didn’t do this with the intention of getting praised on social media for his generosity and kindness. It was a pure act of kindness, from one human being to another. And that’s what makes it so grand.
If you ask me, these are the kind of positive stories which showcase the humanity in people that we should share more often. Please take a second to share this with others and spread the news.

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