It’s Time for the Bride to Make Her Entrance, But Keep Your Eyes on Her Dad

It’s a moment all brides look forward to. I’m talking about that special moment they get to make their big entrance and walk down the aisle.
And most brides pretty much have the same vision of how this special moment should look like: them wearing a beautiful white dress as they wave and smile at the guests, and of course, them looking into the eyes of the man they choose to marry, while a string quartet plays in the background.
But not all brides picture the moment this way. Some, more unconventional brides, go for a more untraditional approach. The bride in the video below is one of them.
Alongside her groom and a few very important wedding party guests, they put together a memorable entrance that no one is going to be able to forget anytime soon. They pretty much danced their way into the church where the ceremony took place, and, I have to say, it sure looks like they had a lot of fun.
This is definitely not something you would expect to see at a wedding, which only makes things that more interesting. Would you consider this for your wedding or not?

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