She’s going to perform “The Prayer” on stage, but when HE begins singing? GOOSEBUMPS

Andrea Bocelli is an artist who needs no further presentation. The man has an impressive career behind him, during which he sang with some of the greatest female artists of all time, including Celine Dion.
But while Andrea Bocelli has the experience to match his amazing talent, Tory Kelly is a young woman who is just starting her career as a musical performer. Tory became famous online thanks to the videos she’s posted mostly on her YouTube channel that show her sing covers of famous songs.
Even though the 23-year-old has been posting video online since she was about 14-years-old, she has little experience performing in front of a live audience, and almost no experience performing in front of a large audience, on a large stage. Still, when she was asked to perform in a duet with Andrea Bocelli, she couldn’t say no.
The performance went on without a hitch and Tory later went on her YouTube channel to state her deep gratitude for the amazing honor to sing with Andrea Bocelli and thank those who made it all possible.
Well, considering her amazing voice, I think it’s safe to assume this won’t be the last time she gets an opportunity like this.

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