Shy Boy Takes The Stage. Within Seconds Haunting Version Of Queen Classic Forces Judges To Tears

When Alex, a 10-year-old from Romanian, stepped on stage at a famous talent show for children, he was obviously nervous. He didn’t make much eye contact with the judges, and everyone was afraid that he won’t be able to carry his performance through because he couldn’t control his emotions.
However, as soon as the boy started belting out Queen’s “Show Must Go On,” everyone else was left speechless. The members of the jury started looking at each other as if they needed confirmation that what they were hearing was actually the boy’s voice.
One minute into his performance, all the judges got up from their seats to support and applaud his incredible talent. The judges were stunned by his powerful and deep voice, and so was the rest of the audience.
Needless to say, taking on a Freddie Mercury song is a huge challenge, even for professional artists who have years and years of experience. So it’s hard to believe that someone so young and with no experience performing on stage can do such an amazing job!
A voice like this doesn’t come around very often, so please take a moment to share Alex’s performance with all of your friends and family.

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