Sleazy Manufacturer Calls Mom ‘A Stupid Woman’ But She Gets The Last Laugh With Brilliant Move.

Just a few years ago, Julie Dean was a normal mom just struggling to help her daughter who was a victim of bullying go to a better school. So she started working with her own mom to create and sell satchels in order to pay for tuition at a private school.
Trying to get their designs in front of as many potential buyers as possible, Julie reached out to a local manufacturer who immediately shut her down in a very rude manner by telling her that she was just a “stupid woman who doesn’t know anything about manufacturing.”
But, man, did she prove that rude manufacturer wrong. The business Julie started with a little over $700 turned into a life-changing business venture that is now worth big bucks. Today, Julie’s bags are worn with pride by many of the biggest celebrities out there, including the famous Taylor Swift.
Julie has sure come a long way since starting off, and says that the hurdles she faced along the way only made her stronger and more ambitious. To learn more about her incredible success story and how she managed to stand up against all those who tried to make her doubt herself, check out the video below.

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