Orangutan Points To Woman’s Bandage, His Next Request Leaves Onlookers In Disbelief

Two years ago, Darci Miller, the woman in the video below, was badly burnt while trying to light a pile of trash in her backyard on fire. It only took a moment for the flames to travel up her arms and neck and scar her for life. Since that awful incident two years ago, the young woman underwent no less than 12 surgeries to treat her injuries.
The extent of her burns and scars made Darci feel extremely uncomfortable in public, especially because most people would stare at her scars and bandages and ask her questions. But there was someone whom Darci didn’t expect to care about her injuries that made the woman look at her burns from a different perspective.
The woman was visiting the Indianapolis zoo when she stopped in front of an orangutan’s enclosure. Almost immediately, the curious orangutan named Rocky got close to the partition window and started staring at Darci’s affected skin. Her fiancé caught Rocky’s reaction to her bandages and scars on camera.
Specialists say that orangutans are known for their empathy, and this is definitely a great display of these animals’ incredible compassion. Take a look and don’t forget to Share!

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