Woman Drops 455 Pounds In Two Years – Take A Look At Her Now

There is a lot of controversy around the subject of losing weight, with some saying no one should give in to society’s constant pressure to look like a supermodel and be as thin as can be. But I think everyone would agree that if you weight is putting you at serious health risk, this is a problem that should be addressed right away.
In the case of the woman in the video below, the problem was so serious that it actually endangered her life. Weighting no less than 650lb, Nikki was morbidly obese and doctors let her know that unless she would lose weight, she could just die one day.
The woman finally took the doctors’ warnings seriously and started her weight loss journey more than two years ago. It was a struggle, especially at first because Nikki could barely walk due to her weight. However, though dieting and exercise she managed to lose more than half of her body weight. She now weighs 194 lbs., and finally fits into jeans for the first time in years and she happier than ever.
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