Stepdad and Daughter Record Hilarious Video Viewed 6 Million Times, And Mom Hears About It

You may already know Cole LaBrant as the handsome dad with the popular YouTube channel where he shares his experiences with his millions of viewers.
One of his most viewed uploads is a clip of him singing alongside his adorable daughter in what has to be the cutest carpool karaoke video ever. According to the clip’s brief description on YouTube Cole and his daughter Eveleigh put a lot of effort into making this video – but they also had a lot of fun filming it.
Well, they sure look like they are having the times of their lives playing dress-up and lip syncing to some of the best songs belonging to a wide range of different genres. From pop to country, this awesome family duo made sure to include something for everyone – and they had matching outfits too to go along with the style of music!
Some of those who watched this clip, though, wondered what mom had to say about their fun day filming in the car. Well, mom actually supports all creative endeavors and says she is their most avid fan.
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