Large Man Grabs Her Hand to Dance, But It’s His Next Move That Had Everyone On Their Feet Cheering

Talent has nothing to do with weight, and although it may be hard to imagine a heavier man moving with the grace and agility of a professional dancer, the incredible man in the video below proves it can be done.
John Lindo and Deborah Szekely managed to win first place at a dance competition, and as you’ll see by watching their performance captured in the clip, it’s a title that they very much deserve. It takes a lot of practice to reach this level of dancing, but every moment spent practicing is a joy when you love what you do.
And John loves to dance! His passion started when he was just a child with practicing dance moves he saw on T.V in front of the mirror. And while most things in his life changed, his love for dancing has stayed with him.
He admits that many people are shocked to see how well he is able to dance considering his weight, but he says that he would much better be a surprise than a disappointment to people. You can watch John and his equally talented dance partner by pressing the play button. This is awesome!

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