Woman Pulls Out Camera to Record Surfer, Has No Idea Huge Shadow Is Lurking 10 Feet Away

Many people have whale watching on their bucket list, and usually speaking, when it comes to doing this activity, the closer you can get to these majestic creatures, the better. But there is such a thing as getting too close for your own good. And no one knows this better than the surfer in the video below.
The woman was out surfing in the water near the Santa Cruz, California coastline when the whale unexpectedly breached just a few feet away from her. Barb Roettger who was also in the water when this occurred had her camera rolling and was able to capture the entire unbelievable moment on video.
And that’s all she could do, as neither her or the group of kayakers also in the water could get close to the surfer. All they could do is wait and hope for the surfer to escape unharmed.
Whales are impressive in size, so it’s best to keep your distance. This surfer got extremely lucky not to be dragged down under by the whale and be crushed or get swallowed by it, but it’s always to be safe than sorry.
So if you have plans to go whale watching, make sure to take all precautionary measure to avoid injury.

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