Tiny Baby Sneezes, But It’s the Words He Speaks Right After That Go Immediately Viral

For babies, every single day comes with a new discovery. Whether it’s something about the world, the people who populate it, or even about themselves, babies constantly learn new things – all while being as adorable as one can be.
The baby in the video below, for instance, has just discovered that his body can make a strange sound, but it’s the baby’s adorable reaction that is melting the hearts of all of those who have watched it.
I bet there were times when you were surprised by an unexpected sneeze, maybe it was even your own sneezing that surprised you. Now imagine hearing that sound for the first time. You’re bound to have some sort of a reaction.
So it’s really no wonder this cute baby didn’t know what to make of that weird sound his body was producing. Luckily, mom was right there by his side and managed to capture his wonderful reaction. Mom didn’t expect for the clip to go viral, but that’s exactly what happened.
In fact, the clip has been watched more than 3 million times so far.
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