Cop Overhears 9-Year-Old Girl’s Chat at Police Station, Immediately Seeks Other Officers

Police officers from the police department in Detroit got a very special visit from a 9-year-old girl, and now the story is going viral.
The girl decided to celebrate her birthday by surprising the men in blue and show her appreciation for all the hard work they do every day and for putting their own lives to protect the community where she lives.
With some help from her parents, Samya packed lunches for all the police officers on call that day and brought them to the police department. The girl got this idea after watching the tragedy unfold in Dallas where five officers lost their lives in a snipper ambush.
Samya used her own money to pay for the groceries, as well as the money she got from loved ones on her birthday. The officers returned the favor by giving the kind and generous little girl gifts of their own. Also, they offered Samya the title of “Officer of the Day,” an honor she was more than happy to receive.
In a time where division seems to be thriving, it’s nice to see cases like this where the community and police officers come together in one of the biggest cities in the United States.

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