Stray dog refuses to leave pregnant friend’s side after she’s hit by a car

Dogs are known for their loyalty, not only towards humans but also towards their fellow canines, as exemplified by a recent incident involving a stray dog.

Murphy, a stray dog of mixed breed, encountered a German Shepherd in a critical condition after being hit by a car and left by the roadside. Despite the dire circumstances, Murphy steadfastly remained by the injured dog’s side for hours until help finally arrived. Suzette Hall, a rescuer from Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue, was the one who received the call about the two dogs and came to their aid.

Moved by Murphy’s unwavering devotion to his fellow dog in distress, Suzette allowed the two canines to snuggle together in her car as they made their way to the veterinary clinic. Recalling the emotional journey, Suzette revealed that Murphy never left his companion’s side, and she prayed throughout the entire ride, fearing the worst for the injured dog. She confessed that at one point, she was so overwhelmed with emotions that she broke down in tears, thinking the dog had passed away in her car.

Marley, the injured German Shepherd, was immediately rushed to the operating room upon arrival at the veterinary clinic. The medical team performed several major surgeries, including the amputation of one of her legs. However, it wasn’t until after the procedures that Suzette and the staff discovered Marley was pregnant. In the midst of her surgeries, Marley gave birth to 11 puppies. Despite this unexpected development, Murphy remained faithfully by Marley’s side in her recovery cage until she was well enough to find a new loving home.

According to Suzette, Murphy never left Marley’s side during her recovery, remaining a loyal companion to his best friend. The ICARE Dog Rescue team ensured that all of Marley’s puppies found loving homes, while Marley herself found a happy new family after the traumatic hit-and-run incident. Murphy, on the other hand, remained with Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue to receive necessary medical treatment. The rescue team has high hopes that the two dogs will soon be reunited, given the deep bond they formed during their time together. Despite the tragic circumstances, their friendship has blossomed into a heartwarming tale of canine loyalty and love.

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