Dog refused to Leave friend’s side after it got hit by a car

A dog’s heartwarming display of loyalty was caught on camera as it remained steadfastly by its companion’s side on the roadside, after the dog had been struck by a car.

The heart-wrenching incident occurred in China’s Qiandongnan Prefecture, as captured in a video. The camera showed a spotted dog sitting beside a white-colored dog lying still on its side.
The video footage showed the spotted dog occasionally nudging its motionless companion with its head. According to an interviewee who spoke with The Beijing News, the spotted dog could be heard whimpering as well. Passersby slowed their vehicles as they approached the pair of dogs, carefully driving around them. Despite efforts by some individuals to move the white-colored dog to the roadside to prevent the spotted dog from being hit by oncoming traffic, the loyal canine refused to leave its friend’s side. Later on, it was discovered that the white-colored dog had an owner, while the spotted dog was a stray.

The owner of the white-colored dog revealed that the two canines had frequently played together in the past. However, despite the devoted dog’s unwavering presence, its loyal friend was unable to witness its companion’s recovery and the resumption of their playful activities together.

After the white-colored dog passed away, it was given a proper burial. Such displays of canine loyalty are not uncommon and have been captured on camera before. For instance, in Lanzhou, Jiangsu province, a group of four stray dogs stood vigil by their injured companion following a car accident. In another incident that occurred in Quzhou, Zhejiang province, a dog frantically nudged and pawed at its fallen friend, refusing to leave its side.

As the injured dog remained unresponsive, the loyal canine began to tremble and emit mournful whimpers, as if it was grieving the loss of its friend.

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