This Kid Has the Best Reaction to Food

Most young children are notorious picky-eater. In all fairness, baby food is not always the most scrumptious-looking food. Typically, parents have to resort to all kinds of tricks and games just so they get their children to taste some of the food being served to them.
Well, the baby in the video below is not like most babies. No matter if he’s eating at a restaurant with his family, or if his parents are the ones cooking the meals, his reaction to food is always the same.
The adorable boy gets visibly excited whenever there’s any indication that a meal is going to be served shortly. To make things even more adorable, the boy even makes admiration sounds to further enhance his excitement. There’s no way of telling how his mom cooks, but by the looks of it, she’s doing a really good job. I bet most parents who are struggling to get their kids to eat real food without having to spend two hours negotiating the menu would love to know her secrets.
To be completely honest, this is how most of us look whenever we eat out and our food finally arrives.

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