A family let its puppy pick her sibling from the shelter

If you’re a dog owner you know this: dogs don’t like spending time alone. They constantly need attention, and no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves that dogs don’t actually feel miserable when their owners leave them home alone, the reality is that they do. Dogs feel lonely and bored, which explains their reactions whenever their owners come back home
Raven, the Tamaskan, was still a puppy when their owners decided to do something so that the pup won’t feel lonely and sad whenever they had to leave her home. So they decided to bring another pet into the family to keep him company. Rather than just picking a pet themselves, the owners thought of a better idea. Why not let Raven chose her new best friend?
Raven got to visit an animal shelter and pick a buddy herself. Her choice was surprising, to say the least. Raven went straight to a kitty that was only a few weeks old. For Raven, it was love at first sight. The two hit it off immediately, and that was to start to their beautiful friendship.
Now, the two are basically inseparable! How adorable is that?




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