This Video Is Only 31 Seconds Long But Every Second Is Just TOO GOOD! WOW!

Tap dancing is a style of dance that originated with African dancers in early America. The style is easy to recognize anywhere. Although it might look like a dance that anybody could do, executing this dance well is actually really hard. First of all, your fitness level must be pretty good since there’s a lot of jumping and other cardio movements involved.
To be really good at tap dancing, you must have years of experience and proper training. Or be a bird. Apparently, any of these two will help you execute the moves perfectly. As it turns out, birds and tap dancing is a match made in heaven. Just look at the parrot in the video below.
Whenever his owner turns on Irish music, the adorable parrot immediately starts dancing like there’s no tomorrow. This comes to show that parrots have a lot more skills than just their amazing ability to mimic sounds. They are also good dancers! Who knows what other talents they are hiding from us, right?
Impressed with this parrot’s awesome dance moves? Well, then don’t just keep them all to yourself! Give your friends and family a chance to smile and share this video with them!

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