Woman on vacation finds injured puppy and realizes she can’t leave her hehind

Diana was on vacation when she saw a puppy dragging her hind legs painfully on the ground. She picked up the injured dog and comforted her, thinking that the puppy might have to be euthanized. However, she learned that the puppy, whom she named Pinta, had two broken hind legs and that surgery could save her life. Diana wanted to try, so she paid for Pinta’s surgery and decided to adopt her and bring her home.

Unfortunately, Pinta had to stay in the hospital for four months after her surgery. During that time, Diana visited her every day and taught her how to swim. When Pinta was finally able to come home, she had made amazing progress. She could now run and play just like any other puppy.

It was an amazing transformation for a puppy who didn’t have a bright future. But thanks to Diana’s love and care, Pinta is now a truly happy and healthy dog.

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