4 Reasons Why Firefighters Are Heroes

Firefighters have been saving the lives of Americans since 1678. Although their techniques have changed since then, firefighters are still saving thousands of lives each year.

Firefighters Are Heroes Because They Run Towards the Danger
When there are fires and explosions, most people flee and run in the opposite direction. Firefighters, however, run towards them. When disaster strikes, firefighters are one of the first officials to reach the scene. Even in medical emergencies, firefighters are responding to the call.

They know that there’s a chance that things might not go their way. Yet, they push through and do it anyway. General Norman Schwarzkopf once said, “True courage is being afraid, and going ahead and doing your job anyhow, that’s what courage is.”

Firefighters Are Heroes Because They Never Give Up

On average, firefighters will work 10, 24-hour shifts per month.

Firefighters also don’t get holidays off. When you’re curled up around the tree waiting for Santa, servicemen and women are out there keeping you safe. While your family is enjoying the fireworks this week, firefighters are on patrol. Besides running the shows, firefighters ensure that all safety regulations are in check to ensure that no one gets hurt.

Firefighters Are Heroes Because They’re Also Scientists

Not every fire starts with a match. In some cases, fires start when certain chemicals collide or when an electrical wire gets too hot. There a six known classes of fires. Some include gases, liquids, metals, and oils. Each one requires a different approach and it’s up to the firefighters to decipher which type of fire they’re dealing with.

After subduing the flames, firefighters are tasked with finding the cause. They discover the starting point of a fire by using their knowledge of fire and deductive skills. They use their scientific knowledge of chemistry, physics, and engineering to deduct where and when a fire started. Besides pinpointing the origin, firefighters can also determine if a fire was accident or arson.

Firefighters Are Heroes Because They Inspire Others

Think about all the little boys and girls on Halloween strutting around town in plastic red firefighter hats. Even when you were young, there was always one classmate or friend who wanted to be a firefighter when they grew up. Firefighters are inspirational. Every day they face new dangers and every day they find ways to fix them.

It takes a special kind of person to become a firefighter. They throw themselves out of windows, run through burning buildings and cut people out of cars. Firefighters see and experience things that affect them both mentally and physically. Despite this, they continue to do what they do.

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