5 singing doctors line up behind a sheet, when it drops I can’t stop laughing

Loud music and dancing are two things that nobody would expect to be a part of an operating room. Still, if we were to judge merely by watching the video below, somehow it can work.
This funny video was put together by a vocal group called the Laryngospasms, which specializes in musical medical parodies. It’s an idea that might sound a bit peculiar at first, but once you’ll listen to their whole parody, you’ll see how the group has managed to acquire quite an impressive fan based across the country.
The members of the group are all certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA)s, so they definitely know what they are talking about. Their medical references are spot on, which only makes the parody that much entertaining.
Most of us are used to seeing nurses as perfect, serious professional, so it’s definitely nice to see a different side of them.
In this particular clip, they are doing a parody inspired from Neil Sedaka’s classic hit ‘Breaking Up Is Hard to Do,’ entitled ‘Waking Up Is Hard to Do’.
If you need something to put a smile on your face and compensate for the fact that the weekend is still far away, this is the clip for you.

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