Groomers start bathing Husky, when he belts out original ‘tune’

Many people like to sing in the shower, but have you ever seen a dog do the same? Well, if not, then this is your chance. The hilarious video below shows a full of personality Husky put on an impromptu show for the groomers in charge of giving him a bath, and the result is just adorable!


As professional groomers, the two women in the video are used to dogs having all kinds of reactions while getting a bath, but this even took them by surprise. So they knew they just had to get this dog’s unbelievable singing on video.


Canines have all kinds of funny ways of expressing themselves, and singing is for sure one of the most entertaining ones. And for all of you who may be concerned about this aspect, the dog was not in any kind of discomfort. He was just excited to meet new people and get washed by someone other than his owners. In fact, according to the clip’s description, the Husky actually likes taking baths.

Dogs are just awesome! You can watch this dog enjoying his bath so much, in the video below!

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