Rescued elephant keeps breaking sprinkler only to play in the water

For this rescued elephant true happiness means dancing in the rain, but since there isn’t raining every day, she created her very own fountain. Even though that gives a few headaches to the staff, Faa Sai keeps breaking the water pipe, so she can do what she loves the most!

Elephant Nature Park

Adorable video shows rescue Asian elephant Faa Sai quickly adapting to her new life style at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. But it’s not the rest of the herd nor the caring staff that brings her so much comfort, but the sprinkler system; or better say, the broken sprinkler.

Elephant Nature Park

Just like any other elephant, Faa Sai loves to play in the water. She would have splash around for days, but since the sprinkler pressure wasn’t as strong as she wanted to be, she just broke the pipe and got what she wanted – her own fountain. But as it turned out, the elephant made a habit from breaking these pipes, so the staff do’t even fix them anymore. After all, their goal here is to make the elephants fell comfortable and happy, and apparently Faa Sai is happier than ever!

Elephant Nature Park

Nevertheless, Faa Sai’s wasn’t always like that. Unfortunately, for the young female was nothing but tough as she was forced to live chained almost her entire life. But now all of that came to an end, and she enjoys life at the sanctuary.

You can watch Faa Sai playing in the water here!

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