Watch stubborn Husky throwing hilarious bath-time temper tantrum

There are just a very few things dogs are not too big on, but visiting the vet and bath time are definitely on top of that list. Nonetheless, this adorable Husky seems a bit different, and while most of his kind make a lot of noise trying to avoid taking a bath, he’s ready to do anything for it!

Zeus, the Siberian husky would even sleep in the bathtub if allowed, but apparently his mom has other plans, so he’s grumbling on the decision in pretty hysterical way. Thankfully his mum captured the moment on camera, and it’s nothing short of hilarious!

Zeus The Stubborn Husky

The short footage shows the stubborn Zeus laying in bath tube with no mood for anything but a warm bath. Yet, his mum wants to take him out for a walk, but the dog doesn’t seems to agree the idea. So he starts to howl loudly hoping to convince his momma to turn on the faucet. But the woman insists with that walk, so all Zeus can do is to throw a comical tantrum!

“I’m not turning on the water,” she says. “Come on. Come on. Let’s go for a walk!”

Zeus The Stubborn Husky

Though Zeus’ painful seems real, the moment is nothing but funny, and shows why dogs and kids are so much alike. Thanks to his way to complain, Zeus went viral online, after over 27 million people watched his hilarious tantrum.

“This is why they say huskies are stubborn,” Lindsay Fleishman, Zeus’ mom wrote on YouTube. “Zeus loves playing in the water in the bathtub and wanted the water turned on. However, it was time for his walk and he was just being stubborn because he wanted to play in the water.”

You can watch the comical scene below!

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