Bald eagle grabs fisherman’s catch right off the line

If you’ve ever went fishing, then you know that it can take up to a few hours until you actually catch something. Therefore, fishing is definitely not the best activity for someone who tends to be rather impatient. It actually takes a lot of patience to thrive at fishing, but that feeling you get when you finally catch something makes all the time you’ve spent waiting seem worthwhile. Well, that’s unless someone or something sweeps in at the last moment and steals the fish you’ve worked so hard to catch; and believe me, it happens!


In fact, it probably happens more often than you’d think. Joel Wynans posted a video to YouTube showing the result of his most recent fishing trip on Maple Lake in British Columbia. He didn’t trump any fishing records, but the scenes he managed to capture are just as impressive!


The short footage shows the incredible moment a bald – shameless eagle swooped out of the sky and stole the fish he caught right from the end of his line. The fisherman’s reaction is priceless!


The man understandably let loose a string of spicy words showing his anger (and, strangely, his sense of humor). “A local eagle air raids fisherman in a nearby trout lake,” Wynans wrote in the video’s description. “He dived a couple times before we were able to get a real nice video.”

Watch the wild moment here!

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