Bird or rabbit? Optical illusion video is baffling the internet

An optical illusion video recently went viral, leaving the netizens baffled, as people cannot decide whether the back of a bird’s head is being rubbed or the nose of a rabbit.

The video that initially surfaced on Imgur, went viral after a user shared it on Twitter with the caption “Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose!” Since then, the catching video gained more than five millions views

The people were absolutely blown away as what seems to be the ears of a rabbit, could also easily be the beak of a bird. Therefore, the odd reactions are keep coming!

“Wait now I never would see a rabbit by only looking at it, then I saw it, but I keep seeing the crow more… Which is it?” someone tweeted. While another added: “Wow, I sat here for ages seeing someone petting a crow w its beak open to the air, and thinking ‘rabbits??'”

But after a hard debate, the mystery seemed to be solved.

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