Firefighters free young boy after he gets toilet seat stuck on his head

A team of firefighters had an easy and funny mission. A young boy had an incident regarding his head and…a toilet seat.
Two-year-old Flynn Edwards caught his head inside a plastic toilet seat while his mother was taking a shower. Sarah Edwards, his mother, saw Flynn’s neck and the toilet seat and jumped out the shower. She called her mother who told her to call 911. She did and the emergency services advised her to talk to her local fire brigade. In short time a big team of firefighters arrived at their home and Flynn was wearing his unusual neckwear.

“They were all in stitches when they saw Flynn, who at the time was quite happy playing with his trains whilst a toilet seat was stuck on his head.
“They snapped the seat and released him and everything was ok, we were all laughing our heads off.”

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