Dog brought back to life by hero firefighters

A beautiful moment when a family’s dog leaped back to life, was caught on camera in Carmichael Wednesday night.
Firemen successfully performed CPR on a dog, after a house on a quiet street caught fire last night. Animal lovers
from all over the world are watching the video of this rescue. Luckily the dog is saved and this story has a happy ending.When crews arrived at the scene they saw the fire coming from one of the bedrooms. They rescued the owner who was using a wheelchair and he told the that her beloved dog was still missing. Thanks to the helmet camera we can see the moment when firefighters found the dog, Dicky, under a bed. He was unresponsive. Crews initiated life-saving measures on the small dog, performing CPR and giving Dicky oxygen.

As crews worked on him, Dicky was not moving at all. Luckily the firefighters knew exactly what to do. Within about five or ten minutes the dog had regained consciousness and was acting normally. It’s not often, firefighters have the opportunity to bring a dog back from the brink of death. You’d better believe it feels great.Dicky belongs to a 90-year-old woman in Carmichael who is so grateful to have him back.
Firefighters said they used a special pet mask to give Dicky oxygen. It’s what they need to use because a dog’s snout is shaped very differently than a human face.

Fire trucks carry several of these pet masks in different sizes from Great Dane on down.

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