Dog lost in Montana cold for a week gets emotional reunion with her dad

After he nearly lost any hope, a dog owner was tearfully reunited with his 7-year-old furry companion, after she got lost in Montana’s wilderness for seven days. To make things even worst, the temperatures there dropped far below zero, so the poor owner never thought he will see his dog again, but they miraculously reunited after a week apart, and it was all caught on camera!

Facebook/Becky Anderson

What it should have been nothing but a relaxing walking out, turned into a nightmare for Roger Jacobs and his dog Salty. The two went for a walk outside Shepherd, Montana, a few days after the Christmas, but unfortunately, the English Setter got lost as she explored the hills and forest nearby. Just like any other concerned dog owner, Roger searched for the energetic dog, but unfortunately his efforts were all in vain.

Facebook/Becky Anderson

Roger adopted Salty since she was just a few weeks old puppy, so you can only imagine how he must have felt when his loyal canine friend was nowhere to be found. Nonetheless, just when he started to lose any hope, Salty came back into his arms, and he couldn’t be happier!

“I got on my whistle right away and started to blow my whistle when she didn’t come, I knew she was gone,” Roger explained to KTCQ. “We searched for days, put everything out on the internet, drove day and night looking.”

Facebook/Becky Anderson

After almost a week without Salty, Roger got a phone call that put tears into his eyes. A friend of him spotted a dog along the Yellowstone River, somewhere between Shepherd and Huntley, and he could swear the dog was Salty. So Roger hurried to check, and indeed it was his very faithful dog. Roger’s daughter captured the reunion on her cellphone, and the moment is nothing but heartwarming.

“Finally, she heard me and she came running towards me. And I’ve been blowing my whistle so hard and walking through snow and I was all gassed and she was gassed and cold,” the man said. “We had a nice reunion on the riverbank you know!”

You can watch the heartwarming reunion, in the video below!

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