Elephants are known as highly intelligent and very social beings, so naturally when it comes to their babies, these majestic creatures are overprotective and capable to do anything to keep their calves safe, even those from a different herd.

After a few months old elephant calf got trapped in a concrete hole in Thailand, its mom was desperately trying to help it out. But unfortunately she can’t do it by herself, so she cries for help as her baby’s life is on the line. The elephant’s cry for help gathered a group of people who had no idea what happened. But soon realized the massive elephant tries to communicate them something.

The Dodo/ Youtube

Things got worst after the elephant mom got too close to an electric fence. Since she passed out, the people hurried to turn off the power and to help her to get back. Only after, they realized what were the elephant intentions. After she came back into her sense, the elephant lead the rescuers to the place where her helpless baby got trapped.

The Dodo/ Youtube

The little calf got trapped in a tiny hole full of mud for hours. So the rescuers needed to hurry up to get it out, but it wasn’t an easy mission, though. Scared and exhausted, the baby elephant started to panic and the things couldn’t had been worst. The rescue team started to dig around the hole, but they had to be extremely careful not to hurt the tiny calf.

The Dodo/ Youtube

With the elephant mom watching, the group of people have finally managed to get to the trapped baby. Even exhausted, the little one somehow finds the strength to pull himself out. Once rescued, he’s still confused as he can’t see his mom, but as soon as he spotted her, he run to her. He knew he’s safe again now!

Watch the dramatic rescue bellow:

(h.t: thedodo)

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