Fire engine’s rear axle falls off during response in Upstate New York

An Ogdensburg fire crew avoid a ‘catastrophic’ accident, after their truck’s rear axle fell off. The crew was heading to a mission on Thursday, when the fire engine’s rear axle. According to media, it happened on Caroline Street as the truck was making a left turn.

In a Facebook post, the Ogdensburg firefighter’s union declared themselves lucky as no member of the crew was hurt. “Luck was with us as no by standers or members were injured. This very easily could have been catastrophic,” the post says.

However, the department has now only two fire engines left.

“Also, this now leave us with our 2 main line engines and our 1993 quint. In the event one of our main line engines were to need repair that leaves us with our Quint running first due. Hopefully a solution will be determined quickly,” the department wrote on a Facebook post.

According to 7 News, Mayor Wayne Ashley declared no one was hurt as that rear axle disconnected from the rig and he says he commends the firefighters for acting fast to get the truck under control and bring it to a stop.

The cause of the accident is unknown, yet. An internal investigation is ongoing.

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