Friendly bear waves as tourists pass by

Nestled within the stunning Carpathian mountains of Romania, the Transfagarasan road boasts an unusual local celebrity – Ursu, the waving bear. Unlike his elusive kin, Ursu is known to linger by the roadside, catching the eyes of tourists passing through the remarkable landscape.

Ursu’s special charm lies in his friendly, almost human-like gesture: a wave. As vehicles slow down to observe him, he raises a paw, offering a sight so extraordinary it leaves many spectators blinking in disbelief. This unique phenomenon has sparked an influx of tourists, all hoping to capture the #WavingBear moment.

However, officials continuously remind visitors of the importance of safety. Ursu’s unusual behavior might be delightful, but he remains a wild creature and must be respected as such. His friendly wave, while a delightful spectacle, serves as a reminder of the awe-inspiring wildlife that inhabit this remarkable region.

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