Heroic Labrador risks her life to save her duck pals from alligator

In a remarkable display of selflessness, a black Labrador Retriever did not hesitate to put her own life on the line to save her best friends – three helpless ducks. Now a local hero, the quick-thinking dog used her body as a shield, to protect her tiny friends in front of an alligator attack. Thankfully everyone made it alive, but the brave dog got herself with some pretty bad injuries, though!


Retrievers are among the most gentle dogs, and Beauty – an adorable black lab – is no different. She loves humans as much as she loves other animals, but she’s been great fond of three duck in particular – Dot, Cress and Downey. Though, the tiny ducks may not share the same feelings (as per her owners, every time Beauty approaches her friends, they just run away), Beauty loves them so much, and she always seeking to protect them. But no one, would ever thought, she will sacrifice herself – if necessary – for the love of her friends. But that’s exactly what she did, when realized her pals were in desperate need of help.

“She is just super sweet to them, it’s not like you would think with a duck and dog,” Misti Roberts, the dog’s owner, explained for WJHG. “She just loves those ducks and wants to be their friend. And what she did, it’s just a miracle…it’s amazing.”

Misti and her family live in Panama City Beach, Florida, not far from Lake Powell, so that’s a great opportunity for the three ducks to enjoy their days swimming. But every time they go to the lake, the protective Lab follows them to make sure everything’s all right. Only this time, something terrible happened. The ducks were enjoying their time at the lake when a nearly 10 foot alligator started to chase them. The scared ducks just got out of water, but that didn’t stop the hungry beast from hunting them. It is when Beauty stepped up and saved the day, even if that nearly cost her life!


“I saw an alligator right at the edge of the sand, not on the sand but right on the edge, ” Roberts recalls. “Then I realized she had been hurt, she was unstable and in shock, she had multiple soft tissue wounds and an obvious leg issue.”

Beauty fought off the alligator and saved her friends, but she suffered some serious injuries, and she has been taken to surgery. But thankfully, she made it through and now she’s fine and well, and she almost fully recovered. And her heroic gesture will definitely never be forgotten.

“They are her buddies, there is no question about that,” Dr. Barr, the vet who conducted the surgery, said. “Give her credit for saving their lives.”

More about this incredible story, in the video below!

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