Husky is trying to enjoy his lunch in peace, but WATCH what’s coming up behind him!

We all know dogs’ are a man’s best friend, but what no one seems to be talking about is who exactly is a dog’s best friend. While it is impossible to speak for all dogs out there, things are pretty clear when it comes to who is the best friend of the dog in the video below.
Believe it or not, his best buddy is an adorable kitty that can’t seem to stay away from the dog, not even as he enjoys his lunch. Despite the obvious differences between them, the two get along perfectly and love spending time with one another.
The two have a lot of fun playing together. What’s the secret to their amazing relationship? Well, judging solely from the images below, the answer has to be the dog’s incredible patience. Even when the cat ambushes him from behind while he is trying to east his food, the dog is able to remain calm. While the cat is doing her thing, clinging on to his back leg, the dog carries on with his lunch.
They may be a strange pair, but the future looks pretty bright for this dog and cat. don’t you think?

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