New Famous Video Shows Upright-Walking Bear Passing Through His Neighborhood

How would you react if you randomly saw a bear walking upright down and up your street? Well, most people would totally freak out! I mean, come on, that’s definitely not something that is supposed to happen, right?
Still, there’s one bear that people have come to expect to see walking upright just like a human. His name is Pedal, and he is taking the Internet by storm. The bear has become famous after several videos have emerged showing him casually walking on the streets of New Jersey.
Because he walks on his hind legs, Pedal is now known and the bipedal bear. The reason the bear started walking this way in the first place is because he suffered an injury on his legs a while back. In fact, Pedal is actually missing a part of his leg, so he was forced to adapt his walking in order to survive.
It’s impressive how this bear was able to adapt and survive in his natural environment despite such serious injuries. He is definitely a fighter, which is just one of the reasons you should share this video with all of your friends and family!

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