Funny moment Jack Russell gets stuck in his dog bed

Dogs are a constant source of joy and happiness. Life with a dog is a lot less boring, as they always come up with new and surprising ways to entertain owners. You just never know what your dog is going to do next, so it’s better to always have a camera at hand so that you can record whenever something worth sharing happens.

Luckily, this owner managed to record her dog as he was doing something surprising, and the result is going viral. The adorable Jack Russell somehow managed to dig a hole in his bed and got itself stuck in there. Much like a turtle that carries its house on its back, the dog started walking around the house literally wearing its bed. As you can imagine, it wasn’t the most comfortable situation for the dog to be in.

Apparently, this Jack Russell likes to dig and destroy, but this is the first time his actions turned out to be hilarious! After letting him walk around while carrying its bed, the dog’s owner finally helped him out of his bed. But that should teach him a lesson about why he should think twice before starting to dig in his bed.

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