Man saves injured swan, gets sweetest hug in return

Although some truly majestic creatures, swans don’t have the best reputation when it comes to befriending human beings. Or other animals either. But this inspiring story proves, once again, that love and friendship knows no bounds! A man who rescued an injured swan and visited her over the years, was extremely surprised the animal not only remembered him, but also showed him affection and gratitude. The adorable scene was captured on camera.

American explorer Richard Wiese initially met the friendly swan, after a visit at the Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset,UK. Back in the day Richard and his team, were filming the TV show Born To Explore and he comforted the swan which got injured after flying into a chain-link fence.

Facebook/Born to Explore

A few years after that, the two have met again, and surprisingly the swan didn’t forget that Richard helped her in her time of need. So she somehow returned the favour in a very cute way. The swan hugged the man that saved her life by wrapping her neck around him.

Facebook/Born to Explore

“Who needs a bear hug when you can have a swan hug,” Wiese captioned the moment on Facebook. “This lovely swan trusted me enough to wrap her neck around mine. She was injured at the time, but luckily she was deliver.”

As known, swans are not the most affectionate animals in the world, so moments like this are extremely rare. But as Wiese mentioned, animals know when they meet kind people.

Facebook/Born to Explore

“An injured swan that was nursed back to health is returning to her home in England,” he wrote. “Despite the reputation of being “mean” or “aggressive” this swan seemed to know that she was in caring arms.”

Richard Wiese was deeply impressed by the way this swan decided to show her gratitude to his gesture to helping her!

Facebook/Born to Explore

“When I put it next to me I could feel its heart beating and it just relaxed its neck and wrapped it around mine,” he told ABC News. “It’s a wonderful moment when an animal totally trusts you.”

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