Australian man shares car with enormous spider for over a year

For this driver in Sydney, Australia, hitting the road was never boring, but from over a year now, he’s even more excited when he takes his car for a ride. The reason – a pretty huge huntsman spider!

Spotting a spider inside the car while driving, is probably everyone’s nightmare, but for Chris Taylor it was a blessing. The 42-year-old man was driving through the streets of Sydney, when he noticed a spider on the dashboard. But instead of getting scared, or even taking it out, the man decided to keep it. It happened more than a year ago. Now, the two still share the same vehicle and Chris even named his odd copilot. He calls him Steve, even though she recently found out the spider is actually a female.


“She just appeared one day about a year ago on the dashboard when I stopped at the light,” the man told LADBible. Huntsman spiders aren’t dangerous to people, so he decided to let her stay.”

Even though she got many opportunities to find a way out of the car, Steve decided to stay. She must enjoy Chris’ car pretty much since she almost doubled in size since she initially showed up there.


“I did get her out of the car a few months ago but the next day she was back under the sun visor, so she likes it in my car for some reason,” Chris said. “She was only about half the size she is now though, I’ve watched her grow.”


While for him is always a great pleasure to drive alongside Steve, not the same can be said about Chris’ passengers!

“When I have passengers in my car, they are often startled or scream,” he said. “Steve is great at keeping me more alert when I drive and driving is far more exciting with her in there.”

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