Man Travels the World To Show Strangers 1 Dance. Puts It All Together for Spectacular Video

It’s not always easy to make a connection with someone who speaks a different language and lives in an entirely different environment than you. But while there are many barriers that can keep people away from one another, there’s one solution that always works, and that is dancing.
Dance has the power to overcome any kind of barriers and bring people together despite all differences that might exist between them.
To prove it, one man traveled the world to show the power of dance and connect to people from all over the world. The premises were simple, he would go to different parts of the U.S and Canada to try to teach people he came across along the way a dance.
The man ended up doing the same routine with 100 different people from all over these two countries, and documented the entire process via video.
It took him about two full months of filming to complete the video. He spent a month and a half living out on the road as he drove all around the USA and Canada (he drove a little over 10,000 miles), but the result is definitely worth it.
Check it out:

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