In a very adorable video, a cute panda is simply not in the mood for his caretakers, so he decides to play them around a bit. While the gigantic ball of fur act nothing but goofy, the poor caretakers are struggling to get him back into his enclosure. Well, it won’t be an easy job, though. The hilarious moment was caught on camera and it sends everyone into laughter!


The mischievous little fella in the footage below, is a permanent resident of a zoo in Japan, as part of a rehabilitation program. Unfortunately, these sweet creatures are an endangered species. With less than 2,000 individuals left in the wild, things doesn’t look too good for the cute pandas, so the officials are making huge efforts to save them. So far, these rehabilitation programs proved to be really successful.

Screenshot via Youtube

Anyway, that doesn’t make them less clumsy or mischievous, and so it is this playful panda. But his caretakers are already aware of that, as even them spoils him from time to time. Therefore, they have no choice, but to accept his fussy little adventures.

Screenshot via Youtube

Just to make him feel comfortable, the devoted caretakers even dressed up in pandas themselves. But it turns out, that doesn’t actually please this spoiled panda. And all he wants is to spend some time in the ditch from his enclosure. The two caretakers efforts seem vainly as they can stop the panda from sliding down to that ditch.

Screenshot via Youtube

Eventually, the panda’s playful mood fades off soon as he realizes that getting out of the ditch is much difficult than getting in. Fortunately, the people who care for him so much, are right there to offer him an extra hand, which he gladly accept it, this time.

Watch the funny scene, bellow!

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