Mother duck keeps quaking passerby, he then notices her ducklings need rescuing

When it comes down to their babies, all mothers are the same. They are capable of impossible things, only to keep their helpless little ones safe. They just never give up! And that’s what this very concerned mother duck did, to save her trapped ducklings!


Due to a heavy rain, a mother duck couldn’t help but watch as some of her babies are taken away by the floods. Desperate, the duck kept following the tiny ducklings, but they ended up trapped in a storm drain, and there was no way she could have taken them out. But what she could do, and what she did, was to cry for help!


So the concerned mother, kept quaking to people, hoping someone will eventually understand her worry. Fortunately, the duck’s persistence finally paid off, when a Good Samaritan approached her. The man soon realized, the reason behind the animal’s desperate cry for help. So when he noticed the helpless ducklings stuck in the drain, he rushed to call for help.


Within minutes, a rescue team with the Phoenix Fire department arrived at the scene, and did what they do best: save lives! The firefighters carefully removed the grate drain, and pulled the little ducklings out, one by one. The whole rescue undergo under the supervision of mother duck, who was so happy to be reunited with her babies. Then, they have all taken away to safety, far away from the dangerous road!

Watch the rescue here:

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