Players Freeze When National Anthem Song Won’t Play Until Chilling Noise Suddenly Takes Over Room

Everybody knows “The Star-Spangled Banner”. The anthem represents the United States of America and says a lot about the freedom and bravery of its people. But, besides its patriotic impact, there is another reason why this beloved song is also very famous. Because it is so tough to sing!

Come to think of it, this may also be one good reason why we usually hear it sung by professional singers during very important events such as a major sports competitions. If no one is around to sing it as expertly as a professional, we normally play a recording of it to lead everyone in singing the powerful song. But, what happens if the recording does not work and no professional singer is around to belt it out? Well, one high school in Iowa knew just what to do.

To open their high school girls’ basketball game last February 1, North Polk intended to play a musical recording of the national anthem so people could join in and honor the country. However, an unanticipated turn of events took place when the recording did not play and they were left to sing the song themselves.

There was no professional singer around, but the game was definitely not going to start unless the national anthem was sung! It was in this moment that everyone from the audience – the students as well as the referees and school personnel started to sing the national anthem on their own.

It was such a majestic moment because although a lot of different voices were singing this tough piece, the melody and the beauty of it was even more powerful and moving. The emotions needed to bring the song to life were felt greater by all in attendance as the belted the beautiful lyrics together.

When it reached the part stating “O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!” everyone was so caught up in the moment that it sounded like a seasoned chorale. Honestly, if you did not know that the singers were at a high school sports event, you would probably never guess that the singers were not professional artists at all! It was that good.

The impromptu chorale of families, friends and even the opposing team who gathered for a high school game ended with a loud applause. It was definitely a fitting finale no one in attendance would ever forget. What a way to start the game!

You should definitely see and hear what this Iowa high school has to offer!

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