Navy Seal Explains How To Survive If You Are Being Drowned

In his book 100 Deadly Skills, Navy SEAL Clint Emerson explains how anyone, not just a SEAL, can survive drowning with just a little practice.

“When it comes to self-preservation in water, the key to survival is breath control. With the lungs full of air, the human body is buoyant – so deep breaths and quick exhales are key,” Emerson explains.

Panic is the great enemy of a drowning victim. Fear and panic can lead to hyperventilation, which makes it harder for the victim to stay above water and can lead to a quick lungful of water.

Emerson shows how even a restrained victim can prevent drowning by remaining calm and following anyone of many simple maneuvers. With minimal effort a restrained drowning victim can use these techniques to keep breathing until help arrives or they can swim to shallow water.

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