New York hustler talks trash but he really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover

Let’s be real for a minute: New York definitely has its fair share of eccentric individuals. But that doesn’t mean we should pass any judgments before we really get a chance to know someone and look past appearance. That’s because things can change faster than a New York minute, and you can be the one getting judged by others for no good reason.
Also, when you take the time to really get to know someone and look past the way they dress, or their social and financial status, you might actually be surprised. When Grandmaster Maurice Ashley approached this man on the street for a game of chess, his first instinct was to underestimate his opponent.
But as the game of chess unfolded, he found out that it is always possible to get schooled by someone when you least expect it. His game is differently at another level.
This is something you’ll need to watch yourself to believe. So make sure you take a good look. You may want to rewind the video a couple of times to catch every movement the older man makes. If you’re into chess, you’ll appreciate this video even more.

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