Officer finds stray kitten under his car, decides to adopt her as his ‘purrfect partner’

Some statistics show that 1 in 5 pet lover became cat owner purely by ‘accident’. But since it is a cat that chooses its human parents, that doesn’t came as a surprise. Such an adorable ‘accident’ recently happened to a police officer from Kentucky’s Louisville Metro Police Department.

Officer McDermott has always been great fond of animals, and “his 2 cats, 2 dogs, 2 snakes & a Bearded dragon,” stand for it. But from nearly a week, now, the kind officer’s furry family just got bigger, as he got the sweetest ‘partner.’ The cop was on a patrol, when he had to solve the cutest rescue mission since he’s an officer. He just noticed a scared tiny kitten, hiding under his car, and decided to help the poor thing out. But little did he know, the cute little thing will become his loyal partner.

Facebook/Louisville Metro Police Department

Since the confused kitten did not want to get out of the car, officer McDermott used some well-smelling cheese to attract her out, and it worked. But soon as he grabbed the tiny fluffy balls into his arm, the officer instantly fell in love, so he decided to adopt the helpless kitten.

Now, the stray cat is the first furry officer at the Louisville Metro Police Department, and officer McDermott’s purrfect partner.

Facebook/Louisville Metro Police Department

“Officer McDermott caught a cat burglar!” the Louisville Metro Police Department wrote on Facebook. “Seriously, this is pawsitively the the most purrrfect police partner! This kitten ran under Officer McDermott’s car and he had to bribe her with Cheese Its to come out! It is a fairy tail ending for this lost kitty as she now goes by Banshee and lives with Officer McDermott!”

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