Protective dog follows the kids to school, ends up in the principal’s office

We all know dogs are overprotective, especially when it comes down to kids, but this puppy’s way to look after his mini humans proved to be a bit exaggerated. Eager to see how his little friends are dealing with it at the school, he found a way to sneak out and follow them over there. Only it didn’t go as planned!

Adopted by Karen Manthey and her family, when he was just a puppy, Sandy has always tried to repay the kindness and love he got, by protecting them and keeping them safe!

Facebook/Karen Manthey

“He always wants to be involved with everything we do,” Karen told The Dodo. “On camping trips if the family is separated he’ll spend all his time running back and forth to check on each group to make sure everyone is safe.”

So, it is no wonder why Sandy get pretty nervous every morning when the kids go to school. So many hours far from home, without him to guide them and look after them. You can only imagine how Sandy must feel. Maybe that’s why constantly tried to find ways to sneak out of the house and to be with his best friends during their school time. But since the persistence is the key to success, one morning when Karen was too busy with other things, Sandy finally achieved his goal – he just made it. He followed them to school, unnoticed!

Facebook/Karen Manthey

But there, no one knew what Sandy’s intentions were, so to make everyone feel comfortable, they just put him into the principal’s office and tried to call his mom to come after him. Only Karen, who didn’t even noticed the dog absence, had her phone turned off, so Sandy as brought back home by one of the kids.

“The school had tried calling me but my phone was turned off, my neighbor who was at the school snapped the infamous picture of him to ask if he was mine,” Karen said. “I didn’t realize he was missing until my daughter showed up at home with Sandy. They allowed her to run him home.”

Facebook/Karen Manthey

Both the kids and mostly the dog, were so proud of this adventure, but their mother wasn’t too impressed though, especially when she had to go to apologize on their behalf!

“When he showed up at home hep[Sandy] was thrilled with the day’s adventures,” Karen said. “They were all[the kids] thrilled with the adventure. So I had to show up over there to apologize and pay for the blinds but their cool school janitor had already replaced them.

“They laughed pretty hard and asked me to email them the picture!”

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