She Was Thrown Into The Ditch While She Was Still Alive & Lost All Chances Of Survival Until She Met Somebody

Introducing Hope! She was found abandoned in a ditch, barely clinging onto life. It’s uncertain how long she had been there, but by the time she was discovered, she was exhausted and appeared to have lost all hope. She was depressed and had lost her trust in humans. Hope was rescued and rushed to the vet for urgent medical attention. She’s estimated to be around 10 years old, with only two teeth left, and has tested positive for Erlichia Canis. Additionally, she’s suffering from anemia and weighs just 14 kg. To add to her troubles, she has Demodex and mange.

In addition to the other health issues, Hope is also suffering from renal problems and has sustained injuries to her back and hips. She experiences difficulty standing and has an unsupported rear leg. Her two front legs are deformed due to a lack of calcium, likely caused by trauma.

Hope’s fever has been successfully managed, and she is now eating and drinking water. While she is still experiencing stomach issues due to gas buildup, she looks significantly better. It’s a true testament to the power of care and compassion in bringing about miracles and blessings.

Hope is making good progress, although she also has Entropion which will require eye drops for a year or more due to dryness.

“Every day, Hope is making progress in her recovery. Since the day we found her, she has transformed into a gentle and charming lady.”

She is very happy in the warm house. Thank you very much.

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