Senior Dog Abandoned at Shelter Lives Out Last Days with a Bucket List

Biggs, a lovable senior dog, found himself on death row at a shelter due to his age and some health issues. Although his exact age was unknown, he was estimated to be at least 10 years old. Fortunately, an organization stepped in to rescue him from his bleak fate.

Since then, Biggs has been living his best life, thanks to a kind foster parent who is giving him all the love and adventures he deserves. Despite his uncertain future, Biggs is savoring every moment and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

This heartwarming tale is a reminder that senior dogs still have so much love and joy to give, even if their time with us is limited. We should cherish and appreciate them for the precious gifts they are.”

Biggs was among the lucky few who were rescued from a crowded shelter in southern Virginia, thanks to the efforts of One By One Deathrow Dog Rescue, a compassionate organization that gives dogs a chance at a new life. Unfortunately, Biggs was already facing health challenges, including probable heart failure.

As if that wasn’t enough, recent tests revealed that Biggs has advanced cancer, and his condition has made further testing difficult. It’s clear that the end of his life is approaching, and his foster family is doing everything they can to make his remaining days as comfortable and happy as possible.

Despite the heartbreaking news, Biggs continues to receive love and care from those around him. His resilience and spirit serve as an inspiration to us all to appreciate every moment we have with our furry companions, no matter how long or short their time with us may be.

Although his medical condition remains uncertain, time is of the essence for Biggs, so he and his foster have embarked on a bucket list adventure. They are checking off items such as strolling on the beach and enjoying a sunset with chicken nuggets, having a candlelit steak dinner, visiting a pet store to pick out a special treat, having a picnic in a scenic location, and even making an appearance in the local newspaper.

Above all else, the goal is to provide Biggs with all the love and attention that he missed out on during his difficult life. Sadly, not all senior dogs surrendered to shelters are as fortunate as Biggs. According to the ASPCA, older dogs have a much lower adoption rate, at only 25%, compared to younger pups, who have a rate of around 60%. It can also be very distressing for an older animal to suddenly find themselves in a shelter after being used to a particular home environment.

Chasity McFarland, Director of One By One Deathrow Dog Rescue, explains that when senior dogs are abandoned in a crowded shelter, their underlying medical issues can become exacerbated due to the stress and feeling of betrayal. This is especially true if they haven’t received proper veterinary care in a long time.

According to Chasity McFarland, Director of One By One Deathrow Dog Rescue, senior dogs surrendered to shelters often have underlying medical issues that can be exacerbated by the stress and feelings of betrayal they experience. This can result in rapid decline and a sad end to their lives in the shelter environment. To prevent this, consider adopting a senior dog and giving them the love and adventure they deserve, just like Biggs is experiencing.

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