Single Dad Melts Hearts After Detailing His Struggle To Raise His Young Daughter Alone

Richard Johnson just wanted to be a normal father in a normal family. But only one month after his daughter was born her mother vanished with the baby to California. She then altered her opinion, telling Richard that on the off chance that he didn’t come to get the infant, she’d put her up for reception. He couldn’t exposed the thought about this, so went straight there to get the tyke. Richard confessed to being extremely frightened about being a single parent and felt plagued about the possibility of satisfying both parental parts.

He chased around for help on the web and unearthed a site called ‘Life of Dad’. It’s substance helped him through those extreme early months and he composed a letter to the pages organizer to say much obliged. Since Tuesday, the post has had more than 15,000 preferences, and more than 800 steady remarks.


All of the comments have been glowing…
“Not only do you sound like a great father, but also a compassionate person,” wrote one woman. “It probably hasn’t been easy for you, but I think you deserve extra props for speaking like a true father & man on behalf of your daughter’s situation/relationship with her mother.”
Another added: “You sound like a very positive person, your baby is lucky to have a dad like you. [sic]”
In a late meeting with Yahoo child rearing he said “At in the first place, when I was separated from everyone else, I was depressed to the point that I would not like to see a group of cheerful couples with their children. In any case, as I left that, I was checking Life of Dad and saw there were other single parents out there. There’s such an appalling generalization of miscreant fathers, however I realize that is not generally the situation. Some of the time individuals are managed a horrible hand, and it’s persuasive to peruse their stories.”
Interestingly Richard has moved in with another woman who has a six month year old child. The relationship isn’t sexual, they just share all of the parenting duties between them. He has described her as his ‘rock’.
Richard is determined that Persephone should still have a motherly influence. “I was never around babies, I certainly did not know anything about girls, but I asked around to older friends who had raised girls. I practiced braiding hair and, I’m not bragging, but now I can braid hair better than most women can. She still has no hair, but I want to be prepared!” he said.

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